The Esigbond released the results of a survey last week about the influence of reports on vapors behaviour and sentiment. Dutch national newspaper AD wrote this article about the survey, and quoted chairman Emil ‘t Hart about it:


E-cigarette image worsens after ‘vaping’ deaths in the US

The image of the electronic cigarette as a less bad alternative to smoking has been severely damaged in the Netherlands after worrying reports from the United States, new research shows. That country suddenly experienced inexplainable deaths after using the e-cigarette.

In the US, dozens were killed during the fall of last year due to a mysterious lung disease among so-called ‘vapers’. By now, research has concluded that those affected had filled up their e-cigarettes with THC-liquid (the psychoactive substance from cannabis), banned in the Netherlands, and vitamin E acetate in stead of regular nicotine liquid. This is an odourless and viscous mixing liquid.

In the Netherlands, such additives are at most available illegally, yet Motivaction’s consumer research shows that during this upheaval, 45% of the users who stopped indicated ‘messages about problems with the e-cigarette’ as the reason that have discontinued (at least temporarily) vaping.

If you look at all the people who quit the e-cigarette in the past two years, the percentage (almost 30 percent) was the highest in the period from September 1, 2019 to March 1, 2020. Exactly during that period, the enormous turmoil occurred in the United Stated. Also noteworthy: two thirds of all former users opted for tobacco again afterwards.

Back to tobacco

Esigbond-chairman Emil ’t Hart is especially worried about this outcome of the research. ,It can never be the intention for Dutch vapers to go back to the traditional cigarette.” According to him, it is essential that a clear explanation is given about the correct use of e-cigarettes and that smokers are informed that the e-cigarette is a less harmful alternative.

Just this week, the Trimbos-Institute stated that using e-cigarettes are more harmful than previously assumed. There is also increasing evidence that the electronic cigarette is a steppingstone to tobacco and that the many flavors are making the product attractive to young people.

Online article can be found here.

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